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School Uniform

We would encourage all children to wear full school uniform every day, creating a sense of belonging and community.

However, with increased ventilation in school occasionally leading to cooler classrooms, extra layers can be added if needed.

Ideally, longer sleeved tops/leggings under school uniform might help.

If it is particularly cold mid-winter, jumpers/hoodies can then be worn.  While school colours would be ideal, we understand that this might not always be possible and the school does not want families to incur any extra costs.


Monday - all pupils bring an outdoor PE kit, in a labelled bag, into school (outdoor trainers, socks, dark joggers/tracksuit, a t-shirt and a sweatshirt - not a hoodie).  Remember to return any kit that has been home for washing every Monday.

Wednesday - all pupils come to school dressed in indoor PE kit (dark shorts, white t-shirt and school sweatshirt, with tracksuit bottoms on top of shorts).

A reminder that the school PE kit is dark shorts, white t-shirt with red school sweatshirt on top.

We use Madderty Hall on a Wednesday for one of our PE sessions per class. The other session is delivered outside in the school grounds.  On occasion, the grounds are assessed as being too muddy, waterlogged or icy.  However, to ensure that high quality PE sessions are delivered in most weathers, we would like all children to bring a suitable outdoor PE kit into school to keep in their locker. This will mean teachers can choose the best weather conditions to deliver their lesson.  Changing in school will mean that they are not sitting in potentially wet or dirty clothes all day.  Children can then change back into uniform and take wet/muddy kits home to be returned for the following Monday.